How Long Will It Take & How Much Will It Cost?

How long will it take to gain your PPL


How Long Will It Take?

Training times are usually controlled by two factors; weather and scheduling. While some training can be completed on cloudy and rainy days, the majority of your flights will require good weather. Scheduled lessons are sometimes not able to be kept and this will extend training. If flying every day was possible then one could finish the PPL in as little as a month. However in the real world, training will typically take four to six months. Shorter time in between lessons generally shortens the training time.



How Much Will It Cost?

The cost of learning to fly largely depends on the type of licence and how many additional lessons you need to take.

The cost of the courses will vary depending on the type of aircraft flown, where in the country it is done and the individual school as well as any extra medical examinations that an individual may require.

As a general guide, the PPL should cost in the region of £9,000. The LAPL is around 25% less training time and so should cost in the region of £6500.



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